Kilohearts Disperser - what's it for and how to best use it?

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Post 22 Apr 2022

Although kilohearts transient shaper is awesome
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Post 22 Apr 2022

It does *something*.

I use it when a particular sound needs something and I'm not sure what. It adds a bit of flavour to it that's both subtle and pleasing. When I make distorted kickdrums for example I sometimes whack it on post distortion before the limiter and fiddle around. I managed to get it for 19 euro in a sale one time in the store and I'd say for that price it's well worth it.

Also, absolute must if you make acid B)

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Post 21 May 2022

In moderation Disperser is the ultimate "snapinator" imo. I usually apply just a tiny bit on a couple of sources per track max, else everything turns to plastic.

These kind of phase-related effects has become insanely overused.. Trailers in general, fx, sometimes even speech, totally drenched in it. Every nuance in a sound becomes a transient. Unpleasant-sounding to say the least.

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