TRANZIENT (Transient Shaper by Turn2on)

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Transient shaping is a mixing technique which involves manipulating a sound’s initial attack which in turn elps
to increase or decrease the strength of a transient.
Increasing transient helps bring dynamics and punch to a recording. Transient shapers are used to control attack and release / hold on sounds and are especially useful on drums for shaping kick, snare, clap. Use is not limited to drum lines however and transient shaping can also be applied to many tother musical instruments.

TRANZIENT Transient Shaper manipulates the attack and holds parameters of a signal regardless of level.
Usually, equalizers are used for the tonal parameters of the signal, but not the temporal parameters.
Manipulation of Attack and sustain parameters can help to make the signal sound more transparent.
Turn2on TRANZIENT Rack Extension is a modern take on Transient shapers. It retains the basic functionality
with the addition of Transient or Sustain signal Solo modes.

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Drums and percussion processing is the most typical application.
- Changing the attack of a kick drum or a loop increasing power in the mix.
- Shorten hold of a snare or a reverb-flag in a musical way to obtain more transparency. - Shorten Toms and overheads without damping them.
- Adjust distance of the microphone.
- Alternative to Noise-gate effect.

- Increase attack working well for picking guitars.
- Soften the sound by lowering the attack.
- Distorted guitars is usually very compressed, not very dynamic. Increase attack to get clearer sound. - Want the guitar to sound more intimate and with less ambience, reduce hold.

- Reduce the hold, legato will turn into a nice staccato, driving the rhythm section.

- Create 2 mono tracks panned hard left and right with the same audio material. Insert any Reverb effect before the TRANZIENT. Increase Attack and decrease Hold. The intensity of the Reverb is now much higher in the beginning while the reverb time is reduced.
- Decrease Attack to left and increase Hold to right. Now the beginning of the reverb is strongly reduced whereas the hold blossoms and seems endless.

Tracks can be recorded with the inclusion some problematic issues such as material from different studios, lack of ambience, no matches of reverb, too much ambience. All this can be fixed with TRANZIENT.

Samples can have a lot of compression, not enough natuRal dynamic. Increase attack to re-gain a more natural response characte

Easily add more punch to effect sounds from any sample material.

Usually transien shaping is not best used to treat a whole mix at once for mastering tasks. Best use is to control individual elements within the mix.

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Update 1.1: ... nt-shaper/

Additional independent audio processing of the “Only Transients” and “Only Sustain” channels. Look at Audio Inputs at the rear panel.
Can be used independently of the main I/O processing.
- GUI fixes (Frequency Range names on display was been cut)

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