Asking for opinion on CV precedence

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Post 20 Jul 2021

As I was writing unit tests for my A/B switch, I realized that when CV Control is connected it determines which source is selected (A or B) depending on whether the incoming CV value is positive or negative (0 triggers B).

But if you then turn the knob it overrides the CV value until the CV value changes again. Doesn't this behavior seem wrong? If CV is connected, shouldn't it just simply override the knob. Period?

With the way I implemented it, I can imagine a scenario in which you have CV connected and you turn the knob (which overrides CV), then it sounds how you want. But if you save your song and reload it, it will revert to CV, because the act of turning the knob is not saved. What is saved is the state of the knob... so it may sound different on reload.



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Post 20 Jul 2021

pongasoft wrote:
20 Jul 2021
If CV is connected, shouldn't it just simply override the knob. Period?
Yes I think it should. And there should be the warning next to the CV socket.

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Post 20 Jul 2021

In general CV modulates the parameter around the base value which is set by the control. But as those dials are just binary switches for the source selection I think having the CV override the switch is the sensible default. To make this obvious to the user a "CV override LED" could light up close to the dial on the front panel.

Also to have the option (via a switch on the backside) for the controlling CV to be either -0-0.5 = A, 0.5-1.0+ = B (=unipolar) or >=0 =A, <0 =B (bipolar) would be useful for modular routings.

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Post 27 Jul 2021

Thanks for bringing this up! Ive personally been trying to be more active with cv and exploring benefits. I also ran into this issue this month with a rack instrument when i noticed that the cv doesnt override but modifies parameter on the instrument which kinda makes ur brain turn to a noodle when your trying to get a grasp of whats going on.

Im for cv override out right or atleast an option to have it on or off.

Where do we start the petition?

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