Spectra is now free

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Post 11 Jul 2021

Thank You!

Good Luck with whatever comes next, good karma coming your way!

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Post 11 Jul 2021

I bought it a year ago, but I find it good that you chose to give it away for free.
Good luck for the future

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Post 11 Jul 2021

Thank you,

very honorable the developers that leave their REs for free and not deleted

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Post 12 Jul 2021

What an awesome gesture! I already have Spectra, and I really, really like it! I know that you put a lot of effort into developing Spectra and that really shows. I am sure that keeping the same attitude and dedication will carry you far forward. So here's hoping for success in your future endeavors, whatever they may be. :)

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Post 12 Jul 2021

Very kind of you. Really appreciate. I bought it a while now, never went deep with it (no time) and I find very great you let it ‘alive’. Wishing you the best for your next adventure. Good karma !

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Post 12 Jul 2021

This seems especially generous given that silly people are likely to track the developer down and ask support questions anyway! I guess this is one of the reasons we need forums like this one. Be prepared to help out, folks! :-)

By the way, for anyone scrolling through this thread and wishing for a link…
https://www.reasonstudios.com/shop/rack ... nthesizer/
And yes there are several videos.

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Post 13 Jul 2021

Thanks for your support of the Reason community, and thanks for taking this very generous approach to closing shop.

While Spectra never grabbed my attention when it was released, it's interesting looking at it now. Synclavier-style spectral synthesis was a real gap in Reason, and while you can easily get it now with VSTs such as Arturia's Synclavier V or Dmitry Schies Thorn, there are still benefits to having it in the rack.

With the perspective of looking at it from now in 2021, if anything limited Spectra's appeal, it may well have been its fidelity to Reason's original hardware-stye approach to UI. The Roland-esque programmer, complete with the menu diving that entails, strongly evokes that hardware experience, but as we've seen lately, even Reason Studios has started to fall away from that for certain complex interactions. Algoritm, for instance, feels a lot less like real hardware, but has a workflow that takes better advantage of the fact that it's software.

It's a tough balance to strike. Something like Ekss' product portfolio is very hardware-flavored, but it can be because its interactions are less complex (and are often modeled after real hardware anyway). What do you do when you have 256 partials, a handful of envelopes, MSEGs, custom filters, and more? It's an interesting design problem, and one that I think Reason Studios itself is wrestling with as it evolves the RE platform.
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Post 14 Jul 2021

I'm one of the ones that bought it. I'm glad I got to support you. I can't say I used it more than a couple of times, but I have a lot of rack extensions.

I do have 3 combinators for it that someone on the forum must have created.

Perhaps as everyone tries it out for the first time or two, come back and chime in here with patches and combinators.
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Post 14 Jul 2021

I've logged in to the forum today to say THANKS for the kind gesture. I'm not much of a synth-user, and don't really comprehend the workflow of synthesis, so I would have not purchased this.

But now that I have, it's very cool. Lots of preset patches, which is a big plus for me.

I'm actually taking up the 'Song Challenge', in respect for the developer.

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Post 14 Jul 2021

I might ad that it's cool that you would leave it in the shop, rather than kill it, as some other devs have done.

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Post 14 Jul 2021

thanks, i bought spectra, never regret it, that i bought it. is a great synth.

and it is great that you make it free!

worth the discovery!
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Post 14 Jul 2021

It's kind of cool when devs remove the device completely because then the original buyers have a novelty synth which is now unobtainable.

On the other hand, it's also cool when everyone get's it for free. Can't complain about that.

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Post 15 Jul 2021

bought awhile back... great gift for those who do not have it yet... sorry you are leaving the party
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Post 16 Jul 2021

synthetechsound wrote:
09 Jul 2021
Hi everyone. I recently decided to stop operation of synthetech sound as a company and this has some implications for spectra in the App Store. I could have either removed spectra altogether or offered it for free. I chose the latter knowing that people who purchased it would potentially be upset but what can you do?

I wanted to thank everyone for their support and I hope you enjoy spectra. For those persons concerned about on going support I can only say that I only received one defect for spectra since 3-2018 so I’m feeling like the code is stable. Again thanks to all for the kind words about and support for spectra. It was fun coding it up.
incredibly generous of you; this is a quality instrument that is absolutely worth familiarizing oneself with :) thank you very much!

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Post 17 Jul 2021

Also, I am reminded of this time where I couldn't decide on a certain sound for a track I was working on. After a few different iterations I ended up using a preset from Spectra, I don't remember the name but maybe someone might recognize it at 1:22 in (I think it's played at a lower oct. than intended)

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