Curve (drum) Sequencer idea & design

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Post 24 Apr 2021

I've searched and waited for a simple, curve based drum sequencer for Reason for a while now. Nothing!
So yesterday I thought about using the Synchronous CV outs to control the gate and velocity on a Redrum/Kong.

I find the Synchronous interface extremely suitable for drum sequencing, because besides the benefits of quick
results by drawing curves to alter gate and velocity I also like the fact that you can see the other lanes faded
in the background of the selected lane.

In other words I was very pleased with the results. But the problem is that Synchronous has a lot of extras in the
bottom of the interface that that are not suitable for simple drum sequencing and take up too much screen space.
And of course it only has 3 lanes which is not enough for making proper rhythms.

My job being a graphic designer I felt the urge to use the said RE's interface as a starting point and transform it
into a 6 lane curve sequencer suitable for drums. It has no option for modifying the pitch but that's not a priority
in drum sequencing.

I''ve also borrowed ideas from the Matrix sequencer and added buttons for Patterns, Banks and even small
checkboxes for chaining patterns in a consecutive manner. That way you can reach up to 320 steps per bank!

Needless to say I am excited about this idea and would love your input. And who knows maybe a developer might be
interested in doing a collaboration with me and making this rack extension a reality. Stylistically everything can be
changed. It really doesn't have to be a look like Synchronous.

P.S. I did not design the backside of the rack, but of course it will feature 6 curve CV outs.


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Post 24 Apr 2021

Have you tried Kompulsion?

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Post 24 Apr 2021

MannequinRaces wrote:
24 Apr 2021
Have you tried Kompulsion?
I now remember I checked its page a while ago but I never tried it yet because the interface was kind of off-putting.

The fact is, coming from a past of Reaktor (the massive ensemble) and Kontakt style sequencers, I was looking for something
less tall, easier on the eye and a bit simpler by definition. For example the velocity curves are too tall and too thin. The pitch/note area,
if any, should be curve based as well, not the classic piano roll table.

It's indeed impressive and it has huge array of functionality and it could serve as a great source of inspiration for adding certain details
to the idea in the original post.

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Post 24 Apr 2021

I generally use sweeper as my go to envolope generator. Im used to the Europa and Grain-esque envolope interface and it does the job. Add bonus of Audio trigger input and LFO and filter.

Also with the volume mod knob, it's great sidechain (pumping) tool.

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