WTFM Wavetable FM synth from Turn2On!!!

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Post 22 Feb 2021

A new combinator with added KRON modulations.
Patch includes BEATMAP PLAYER and MIDI-CV converter also.
Generative WTFM!
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Post 19 Apr 2021

turn2on wrote:
21 Feb 2021
Thank you for this patch! =) Its also very useful. I can add it to patch library later under your nick if you agree.
Liquid Oil LD and Liquid Tears Lead - is a Combi patches that just show enabling of LFO CV outputs to use with Segments.
Have some update plans and current realisationsfor WTFM upgrade but interesting to find what new RS synth do at near days =)
Oh, absolutely, I'd be honored!

I made a patchmaking vid about WTFM, with links to this thread.
I need to improve my skills with it :exclamation:

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Post 20 Apr 2021

Hi, thank you for video. Need time to look it from start to end.
What I find you test:
1. Fast changes of WT/ALGO can add loud clicks, because initialisation of the switching create levels jumps. Its more experimental;l way to use WT and ALGO.
2. When you try to change algo, you must affect on the two main parameters of Operators. If Op3 -> Op2 -> Out, Op3 must affect to Op2 with any changes of Level, or Tune bigger than 1.0. With static Levels and Tune = 0 on both, you not have real changes to the sound. Because you not create Freq (Tune/Ratio) / Amp (Level) modulations for them.
3. OP1..OP4 have On/Off button. When you off any OP, you disable waveform sound. But you not disable with this routing Amp EG.
So, if Op1=Off, Op3->Op2->Op1, finally Op-1 EG - is the main Amp Env Generator as Output Amp EG.
How to disable this? Try in Amp EG sections to use "AMT" (amount of Operator EG), like a = 0. With this you can have 0% affect of the EG to the Operator routing, when OP=off.
4. SCALE changes only switching current OP scales. SO if you change one mode, and switch to another, it can have new or default Tune/Ratio settings. And switching adds jumps between them.
5. Poly/Mono section, select Max Poly voices in Poly Mode. Or set modes of Mono mode (RePitch / ReTrig).

Good that you publishing video, this help to find basic questions and try to answer on it.
But many from this moments written in the manual

Crazy automations from 52:00, 58:00 and later)) :D

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