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Psychedelic Haas CV Pulse Generator
is a small and simple device designed to setup a series of CV Pulse sequences. It is in sync with your song and the sequences can be setup using simple math of beats and bars. Can be chained.

i don't think this device is working as promised. for a 4 bar sequence with pulse 01 set to 1beat (pw98%) and pulse 02 set to 1 bar (pw100%) i get this result which is totally not synced to the reason transport
also if pulse 01 is set to 1 beat and pw100% the gate never closes out past the set sequence length

it's possible that i'm using the device incorrectly of course but i'm not new to reason or cv and i have read the manual. i remember being excited to try Haaswerk's first RE ... cv-switch/ but it too was buggy but i don't recall the details now. perhaps Haaswerk is around on the forum somewhere and would care to help me out?
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Hi Bes,

Thanks for your report, no you are not using the device wrong, the PW function messing up sync is a bug. We didnt find it on time during beta testfase, i think (am sure actually) we did not test the PW function well enough.
PW in this device is a percentage of 1 beats length, so 1 beat cycles result in neverending pulse when set to 100%. and that's also not how it's intended too. In the next update the max value for PW will also be lowered to 99% so gates always close.

Version 1.0.2 should be released whitin a few days.

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okidoki ill wait for that update then :)

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