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Post 25 Jul 2020

Unfortunately I trialed the Polar a while back, and can't remember how it sounds...

How does the pitch shifting compare to Neptune? Is it the same or a lot better?

I often find the Neptune - when no pitch correction selected - used only to shift incoming signals up an octave has a lot of artifacts and jumps between notes..

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Post 25 Jul 2020

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Post 25 Jul 2020

Polar is a pitch shifter, put in C, get out G, or a detuned C mixed with the original C (for a chorus type effect).

Neptune is a tuner/synth: put in an "out of tune C", get out an "in tune" C - or put in a C, get out a C mac 7 chord.
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Post 29 Jul 2020

Then there's the reverse and looping algorithms, freeze and a bunch of other options, this device can do crazy stuff imo.
In the factory patches there are subtle effects to sound mutilating patches.
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