making samples sound different?

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Post 23 May 2020

just wondering what tools you guys using to make audio samples sound total different like loops one shots things of that nature.

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Post 23 May 2020

loops n effects
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Post 23 May 2020

Transposing, slicing and reprogramming the slices in a different order, reversing the sample or individual slices, time stretching, filtering, glitching, and bit crushing for starters. VST’s like Halftime are a cheap and easy way to make a sample sound different as well.

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Post 23 May 2020

Depends what you are looking for. Ever tried to use a sample as FM source?
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Post 23 May 2020

I don't do much to drum one shots besides envelope shaping and saturation... I tend to not use drum loops, but if I did I would use lots of filtering and distortion.

Melodic and harmonic loops I would take small samples out of them, or restructure the slices with Dr Rex. And effects.

Grain is cool too get a completely different sound out of a sample, and loading into Europa and scenic also can yield interesting results that are usable in a musical sense.

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Post 24 May 2020

Think of samples as a type of oscillator. So as Loque said, you can use it as an FM source. You can filter them. You can distort them. You can use small snippets of them. You can load them into Grain and Europa.

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Post 24 May 2020

Pitch them up or down slightly. Pack them into a refill and re-sell them on your website with a cheesey selfie .

or dont even pitch them up or down

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Post 24 May 2020

the best thing for me is to use a cropped part of the sample, if its part of a sequence , then importing into one of europas oscillators, after that, there is pretty much anything u can do it. The other option is grain, which has the same effects onboard.

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Post 24 May 2020

Torsion by Lectric Panda hasn’t been mentioned yet. That’s a good one!

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Post 25 May 2020

Dc offset

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Post 25 May 2020

Depending on what you're sampling, your own loops or from a song, I really like using mid/side altering of samples especially older recordings. It helps bring out some more character sometimes And if you use a splitter like Elements you can put different efx per band. Puting a phaser on a mid or high band leaving the other bands clean can give a pretty cool efx. Personally I just like cutting up samples and rearranging them in the sequencer. I'm not really into randomizing slices I'd rather just recreate how i envisioned it in my head.. but this is a more old school way of using samples in hiphop production but it has more applications than just hip hop.. Using a gate can really punch up any drum sample or percussion type stuff and if done the right way any efx post gate can have a whole other sound.. for instance if you're gating a drum sample leaving just the punch then a little reverb or delay will fill in those blanks that the gate created.. so instead of putting a reverb on a drum loop making everything in that loop subject to the reverb use a gate and cut out some of that "stuff" between drum hits and now there's little more room for Reverb or delay .. obviously up tempo stuff is more difficult since there's little space between kick and snare.. Sunder is a fun RE to experiment in samples.. oh and a multiband compressor is pretty cool too especially on older recordings where you can use your low band, the frequency range where your kick resides, and duck your mid low or mid band. This really creates a bigger feel since your buying a little headroom for the kick to poke through more..

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Post 25 May 2020

Drum hits: Battery 4. Hands down the superior drum hit design tool.
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