Screw it...I’ll start it. May Madness 2020

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Reasonable man
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Post 19 May 2020

This is my may madness situation

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Post 19 May 2020

antic604 wrote:
18 May 2020
Neo wrote:
18 May 2020
I wonder if i can run MIDI VST devices like sequencers in 11
No, you can't.
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Post 19 May 2020

Reasonable man wrote:
19 May 2020
This is my may madness situation
:P Hilarious... me too. May Sadness Sale. BF next...

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Post 19 May 2020

challism wrote:
18 May 2020
ab459 wrote:
16 May 2020
Would be good if Lectric Panda stuff will be on sale during May as well. (Want to grab Evolution and Kompulsion :puf_smile: )

Just a heads up..... Evolution is listed in the MM sale. I already have it, so I can't see the price, but it looks like it's on sale. Looks like other LP stuff is in there too.

@challism thanks, indeed grabbed already (with Kompulsion) :puf_smile:

Edit About price for Evolution - yes, was the same as intro.

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Post 19 May 2020

I ain't buyin nuthin

Had a good look through the store and there really is nothing I'm hanging out for. Might pick up Evolution if it gets even cheaper, but it can wait. I'm starting to think that I'm living proof that it's possible to go through GAS and come out the other side

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Post 22 May 2020

bought the reason 11 suite, upgrade from 10 (jrrshop). great deal. much fun. enough for the time. but bought uberwave audio to cv, nice little thing me thinks, or little can do a lot.

off topic: rewards. i searched in the posts here, but is not quite clear for me, or it is. 28 reward points isn't that much... so the rewards voucher can only be used for things in the rewards store, not for other stuff. so the rewards are in a way, worth nothing? because what is now in the reward store, does not interest me, and in a sale it is much and much cheapier (do own the fet compressor and the tsar-1 reverb bundle, as vst's, second hand, waiting can proove to be get the lowest price ever.. until...).
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Post 27 Jun 2020

Loque wrote:
18 May 2020
MrFigg wrote:
18 May 2020
Hahaha...Parafilter was €29 this morning and now it's up to €45. Maaaaan!!!!
I have aenough filters, so even for 29 i would skip it. AFAIR it doesnt offer something special beside the sequencers, right?
It does: the sound character of filters + drive and noise. That noise can add tasteful "bite" character to any sound. And combined with filters and drive, the filtered result is very impressive. Nothing has the same character in the Reason rack :mrgreen:

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