Synthetic Rig 4 & antidote?

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Post 25 Mar 2020

This bundle seems like a pretty good deal :shock: How was the version 3? How often the bundles usually change (like 3 to 4)?

Expanse, Parsec (& Antidote) seems to be very tempting for me... I’ve been trying Expanse & Parsec for the free trial now.1

Too bad I can’t download the Antidote trial (seems I’ve downloaded the trial but can’t remember at all how it was :lol: ). But what I’ve heard & read comments it’s seems to be pretty good. And seems to have a good selection of sounds (500).

Any comments about Antidote for edm?
Or the sound library that comes with it?
CPI killer? :question:

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Post 25 Mar 2020

Antidote is perfect for EDM and more. Its Synapse...nothing to add. Its good on CPU. Its also sometimes in the Synapse bundle which wents down to 99-129 and is on 199 a steal either.
:reason: 11, Win10 64Bit.

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Post 25 Mar 2020

I just tried a bunch of stuff from the Synthetic Rig 4. In the end I decided to not buy it, but that's mostly because I already have most of the good stuff.

Imo the best parts about the deal are: Expanse, Nostromo, Parsec, Super Audio Cart, Antidote, Viking-1, Umpf.

Antidote is a great sounding synth, though I use it mostly for its FX section actually (delay/reverb/compressor chain as a send effect). It's alright on the CPU.

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