Phase plant module request

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Post 14 Feb 2020

I think it would be really cool to see a mini RE version of phase plant

I know I’ve suggested things like this before, but I can’t get the idea out of my head lol

I’d love to see a RE that uses the same idea but in a more hardwired way.

3 or 4 oscillators a filter and distortion.
With modulators

Or released as separate modules
So users could build their own FM setups etc

Like the poly modular system but a wavetable oscillator with the ablity to change phase, and the ability to Modulate it at audio rate

Doesn’t need the wavetable editor
Just a basic oscillator to give fans the basic idea

If only KHS was a massive company, then this would probably be a thing.
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Post 14 Feb 2020

I like the idea. But it must not be called "Phase Plant" in the end. They could just release the oscillators as individual modules and have audio rate inputs on the back. The rest can be build around.

Just the polyphony problem would still exist in Reason, which would make it very cumbersome to create complex patches.

I already suggested to Kilohearts to give Phase Plant and audio input as modulation source, which in fact is all I need and i didnt would need a RE. I also could use the audio inputs for CV generators...

Would i buy a "just oscillator" of Phase Plant? depends on the features, quality and price.

Will they do it? Probably not, since they didnt released their last 3 snap ins as RE :-( Thats quite sad, because the RE i use all over the place in the rack and the VST versions just in Phase Plant, Snap Heap or Multipass (where the last 2 are not really necessary in Reason, but very easy to use and good coded by Kilohearts).
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Post 15 Feb 2020

Won't happen. They have said they will port the new snap ins to re in due time. But they do not even have resources to add presets to snap heap, so don't expect fast action.
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