Addictive Drums 2 - no midi drag and drop

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Post 10 Feb 2020

Bought the AD2 RE in the reason shop but was unaware it doesn’t have midi drag and drop.
Does anyone have a workaround to getting files off AD2 please?
It’s a pain that RE are sold that don’t have the full functionality of the VST.
Thanks in advance

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Post 16 Feb 2020

But Addictive Drums doesn't exist as a Rack Extension as far as I know?

Whatever RE you are using, check if it has Gate outputs on the back panel. In that case you could translate the beat to MIDI by running it via for example TM-1 Trigger Multiplexer into CV Player Tap, and then use the player's Send to Track feature to render the to MIDI clips.

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Post 16 Feb 2020

Do you mean A-list Drummers RE? (or the UJAM Virtual Drummer RE as they are called now)
Because they do not have any midi pattern to copy, as EzDrummer has. Addictive Drums I would guess works similar as EzDrummer, but I have not tested AD2 so might be wrong.

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Post 17 Feb 2020

AD2 works fine, we abuse it plenty. Allows WAV to track as well so we think the OP is referring to A-List RE

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