Synapse Audio - The Legend - Appreciation Thread

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Post 28 Nov 2019

There are a lot of spectacularly great RE and VST synths you can use in Reason now.
One that stands out for me is Synapse Audio's "The Legend".

It's easy to program, it sounds superb, and for the quality of sound it is very DSP efficient. And it looks good :)

I use it a lot. As well as (obviously) bass patches, it's really great for searing synth leads (if anyone interested to hear, I used it for a TD Logos cover recently). Especially great when put through a delay.

Last night I watched the promo video for the Behringer Poly D - it sounded spectacular - then I noticed it has a Juno-style chorus on it and figured it was part of the magic, so I went into Reason, added a "The Legend", and added a TAL Chorus. Gosh it was great! - You guys have to try that!!

The only disappointment frankly, is that I own a Moog Sirin which is really great, especially for bass duties, but I feel just as inclined to use "The Legend" as my Sirin :)

I reckon it's a must-have synth for Reason users!
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Post 28 Nov 2019

Yep Legend is pretty damn amazing. One of my favorite synths for sure. Sounds so good and is so simple to work with. The filter section in combination with the "drive" is pure heaven. For some reason this synth just sounds more alive than many other soft synths. I don't know why and who cares? Maybe it's magic. :)

This is the first track I wrote with the Legend synth. I wrote it for the Legend Song Challenge. So all synth sounds, drums, delays, reverbs, basically every sound come from the synth. I really wanted to showcase the instrument with this track.
Since then I've written several Legend tracks.

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Post 28 Nov 2019

I couldn't agree more! After I upgraded to Reason 10 (now approx. 3 months ago) I also bought into several RE's to "complete" my setup, including the Synapse bundle. Which included this monster; best. buy. ever.! True (dumb?) story: I basically bought that bundle purely & solely because of the Synapse name. It also had the "legendary" Synapse AF-4 Audio filter as used in one of the Props micro tutorials (featuring Frank!!) which is also one of my favorites.... because true, Thor and good music ;)

Funny thing is that I discovered the instruments (Legend & Antidote (also very good!)) a lot later because I focused on the audio effects first. But yeah, this is seriously good stuff!

(edit): the magic in that youtube video happens at 6:20 :)
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