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Post 25 Oct 2019

MrFigg wrote:
25 Oct 2019 was the whole month October 2018. When I got to thinking though all the €9 Ochen K REs back in the day were always on intro pricing at €8
Well, i definitely do not have facts. Just vague information.
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Post 25 Oct 2019

Loque wrote:
25 Oct 2019
MrFigg wrote:
25 Oct 2019 was the whole month October 2018. When I got to thinking though all the €9 Ochen K REs back in the day were always on intro pricing at €8
Well, i definitely do not have facts. Just vague information.
Sure. I just remember it felt like it was on sale for ages and I wasn’t even slightly interested. Enoch posted the 2nd October and the post said the offer was valid October out. Doesn’t matter. It was free a few days ago and I still didn’t download it hahaha. :)

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Post 25 Oct 2019

submonsterz wrote:
25 Oct 2019
joeyluck wrote:
25 Oct 2019

It's because the VSTs are donationware, funded by donations. There is no option for donation in the Reason shop, so the best option for the developer was to go with the lowest price tag.
No best option is free with the link in shop description for donation ..... having a price in shop is not as other donation ware as mostly you choose to donate or not by doing the price in the shop you are forced to pay .... so your theory is full of holes to be honest . As i said best option is link not a price tag simple as that .
No not a theory. That is what happened. And I don't believe you can link donation options in the shop, as I don't think you are allowed to ask for alternate monetary payment. $9 is a great price and probably a decent representation of what might be made on average from donations? That part is speculation. I was someone who told the developer to charge for it. Much easier and I appreciate his work.

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Post 25 Oct 2019

Thx for the answer.

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Post 25 Oct 2019

Well, I do happen to like the soft clipping from the maximiser. However I've noticed it only starts acting once it reaches a certain level. I think about -8 on the meter is the magic number.

If you are looking for an alternative, I recommend limiter number 6, it is free, has a soft clipping module and it has upsampling.


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Post 26 Oct 2019

I like the IK Multimedia Clipper, great metering that helps, and it sounds good too. I also have the little one from Boz, also good metering. Both VSTs though.
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Post 26 Oct 2019

I remeber that there has been 7,5 € as the lowest price for REs in the beginning of RE, but then it got bumped up to 9 € as the $ and € prices were unified.
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Post 26 Oct 2019

Wow, I didn't realize that GVST had ago in the Rack Extension world. Maybe I will beg him to build a Reason version of his awesome Tuner VST.

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Post 01 Nov 2019

Mike, what type ofusic do you make?

Not sure if it makes a difference but I make hip hop / trap and even though I use reason, I see a lot of tuts on YouTube and understand that sound. I used a lot of different clippers but the one that's given me the best results that's comparable to Fruity Clipper is FreeClip by Venn Audio:

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Post 02 Nov 2019

Mike B wrote:
25 Oct 2019
Hey guys I hope you are all doing great.

As I've already mentioned in my first post I am a full time FL Studio user so any help,tips or tricks are very much appreciated.

FL Studio has a Soft Clipper Plugin which I find very useful in my master channel. I can see the excellent Maximizer has a soft clip button and a knob. Is this the best and only Soft Clipper that Reason offers ? Any good Soft Clipper Rack Extensions?

Thank you again for any feedback you are a great community :thumbup:
The Mclass maximiser has a pretty good clipper, just turn off the limiter and crank the gain knob till you start hitting the ceiling.
Outside of that a lot of dynamics REs have soft clipping modes hidden in their feature sets. Take a look at some of these: ... maximizer/ ... d-limiter/ ... ompressor/ (limiter is not brickwall so effectively is a clipper also check out the C1 Alpha & C1 Sigma which are the little brother and sister of this RE) ... rt-effect/ (has a clipper distortion mode)

Personally I use Kclip by Kazrog, CPU hungry but probably the best clipper i've ever used. For less cpu hungry usage I use GClip usually on drums or bass, i find GClip distorts easier then Mclass maximiser and thats an aesthetic, typically use Mclass more than Gclip because it doesn't distort as early and is more cpu friendly than Kclip.

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