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Post 09 Mar 2023

Now CV outs on the back side!



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Post 09 Mar 2023

Vil wrote:
09 Mar 2023
Now CV outs on the back side!


Thank you. I asked for this, so this is great. No more workarounds (which did work, though).
Most users think the reason their requests aren't being met, is because some developer somewhere in a cubical refuses to waive its magic wand.

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Post 12 Mar 2023

This is a scalematrix appreciation post.
Tonicmint, Dude you are a god.....i am in complete awe of scalematrix....
For me scalematrix thing is the best thing that has happened since sliced bread.

Thank you so so much for making this important rack extension.

I have a small request though, could you do probability dividing knobs below the note probabilities ?

Im trying to do a One hour Self generative live set.
Now most of the times i would like to constrain the generated chords to the usual root third fifth, seventh or ninth, but id like to add a verry little bit of dissonace to the live set.... basically lets say id like to add a second or a fourth note but maybe once in ten fifteen this possible to do ?
So lets say i set the second note to the lowest possible probability...but click the radio button below it and it makes the probability to even half of the lowest setting on the it generates a slightly dissonant tone but once in probably ten minutes....

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Post 13 Mar 2023

I am very late to the party and had totally overlooked the strumming capability of this!

The approach with the lag curve makes it one of the most straight forward and best options for strumming.

I might've overlooked it because of the feature being called lag? Or because the player is just called "ScaleMatrix | Chord Player"? I see strumming mentioned in the notes, but perhaps it could be called "ScaleMatrix | Chord and Strum Player"?

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