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Post 18 Sep 2019

I think its safe to say that the past year has been tremendous regarding the output of propellerhead rack extensions!
however, I'm noticing a lot of repackaging and sample based concepts.

while it was probably all an idea to release the suite bundle, which i am fine with. they can do as they please in this aspect.

I think it makes more sense for them to take the older approach if they want to have a ton of releases throughout the year.

Modular is going crazy in the music business, the Rack VST will make more aware of how awesome reason is.
Once people see someone like virtual riot using the reason rack in a livestream, a ton of people will probably want it just because he has it lol

why don't they make more stuff like the monotone synth?
its a single purpose device but its fun to use, probably pretty easy to build (with their skilled DSP gods that they have)

id like to see them do the frequent releases, but have less sampled stuff coming at us.
if they released a mini synth that offered a new form of synthesis with just a few powerful features. they could go off of this model all year long.

they could do something similar to how they did the half rack devices, but offer modern forms of synthesis.
this would absoloutley entice current users like myself, im just not so keen on all of the sampled content when they just released grain and already have a nifty sampler. plus i have enough romplers so my needs are met.

UMPF series is a perfect example of what i mean, they have already sort of done what im thinking of.
releasing basic devices that serve a specific purpose, but still brings something new.
this keeps the devices rolling in, and keeps new interesting content flowing.

users like myself have been at it a while, and agree with PH that a new synth is always fun :D
their store is setup in a way that is brilliant imo, if you don't actually need the devices you can pay 10 dollars a month for an elongated trial. or do the rent to own.

the build up of devices throughout the year could then be packaged for the suite.
but to tame the users who don't like the bundles, it would be absolutely wise of them to put a label that says future suite offering or something to that effect.

just some thoughts :)
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Post 18 Sep 2019

No more synths....features features features starting with cloned / mimic'd / linked clips, midi chase and more themes and affect the mixer / menu's and no restart required. ;-)

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Post 18 Sep 2019

The devices they created were focusing on musicians with less sound design skills (except Complex-1). That's ok and there is a market for this. Moving from Refill to RE is good for intellectual property protection too.

For me, i don't really need that much new devices. I have so many great synths and fx i never can use in any songs and there are still plenty great things out there.

The modular approach is interesting, but i am overwhelmed with the amount of devices (and useless crap) in VCV and tasks can get complicated. This is good for experimentation, but not for working.

Now with the Reason Rack, a different DAW is an option for me, because Rewire was too slow and cumbersome crap and Link is mehh... So for me, the DAW-thing of Reason becomes more and more important for any future purchases of Reason Studio.
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Post 19 Sep 2019

To make devices and sell them for profit is probably very difficult nowadays. NI has their free Kontakt devices, Loopcloud and Noiiz sub comes with several simple one task devices, free with the sub. How you gonna be able to charge for devices that are basically free in the VST world. Very difficult. FX are priced at $19 to $29 on sale. (Or $5 to $10 when in a bundle)
Should you do monster synths? Well, then you compete against Serum, Spire, Massive X, and a half dozen others. Those get constant updates and have many years of development behind them. Not sure if the Reason SDK even can do it well enough for monster synths. eXpanse and ReSpire are both struggling with the UI implementation.

From a business perspective, looking from the outside in, the only thing at this time that makes sense is for Reason to release 50 or so DAW feature updates as 11.3 and show every user that they are as serious as Studio One etc. If Reason wants to stay in the DAW business they better be in the DAW business, not competing with free VSTs.
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