Poly step vs Robotic Bean

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Post 13 Aug 2019

My Beatstep Pro died today :o Arturia support told me it’s terminal :cry:

I’m going to buy one of these sequencer Re.s to plug the gap in my workflow with something that can’t break but I don’t know which one and I have already used up my trials of them. Can I get some opinions weighed in on the pros and cons of each please.

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Post 13 Aug 2019

PS has more creativity built in to its options but takes more mouse clicks to get there
RB is easier to work with and while it currently has less creative features did exactly what i wanted and has plans for future updates

i feel like the big difference is how fast you want to get through that part of the track making. if you want to be surprised by some of the cool creative ways to manipulate midi then PS is probably the way to go but if you know in your head what you want and you just need to quickly get that down then i'd suggest RB is for you.

personally i loved them both but purchased niether of them

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Post 14 Aug 2019

:thumbs_up: Polystep changed my music. It made a huge impact. I'm seriously grateful, based on current results.

RB Sequences seems more made for keyboard players. I just have a trackball, for now.
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Post 14 Aug 2019

I pulled the trigger this morning and went for PolyStep as it appears to have more features for the money. I instantly new I had made the wrong choice! Luckily the Props shop made an exception for me and allowed me to swap my purchase for Robotic Bean.

My thoughts: PolyStep is great. it does some of the things that I wish the main Reason Sequencer could do and if the main sequencer was where I did most of my work then PS would be a great tool for creating things to send to track. (Until R11 comes out and the sequencer gets a massive upgrade right?)

But I want more of a playable sequencer and RB is better in this respect, 32 step editor, gated and stepped play modes. And imo, a better look and feel to it.

I would love to see a Robotic Bean version of Drum Sequencer as well!

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Post 17 Aug 2019

RBS is much better for rhythm experiments and PSS is way ahead for harmonic experimentation. They are both great. The philosophy behind RBS is closer to my workflow so I use it more often (sometimes combined with Scales and Chords). RBS has one more thing that makes it a great investment - the developers are still working on it, adding features in dialogue with the users. I am happy with both of the devices :)
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