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Post 28 Nov 2019

bigguy1 wrote:
27 Nov 2019
Maybe it would be interesting that the notes getting mirrored stay in the same octave, like having a mirror at the same position in every octave on the keyboard.

Do you think it is possible to create a note like this?
While I could certainly recreate that functionality in a Node, I am a bit wary of copying another developer's device especially one that's so unique and recently released, so while you're not the first to request this I will probably refrain.

That being said I'm not sure how your tweak would work, if you mirror within an octave. Let's say the mirror point is a B, and you play an A, or any note really. The mirroring would end up in the next octave if I'm picturing this correctly.
geronimo wrote:
28 Nov 2019
Without wanting to be too demanding, I noticed that few parameters are Delta are accessible from the controls of a Combinator (4 years old Rotarys 4 buttons).
But maybe this has already been asked ? Knowing that the interface is empty when Delta starts, it may not be easy to code ?
Unfortunately due to the dynamic and custom display driven nature of Delta, exposing more stuff to those knobs/automation etc is not really possible. I assume you are hoping for rotary control of specific node parameters, and at the moment this is totally impossible. I have a potential work around for this, but its pretty complicated, both from a implementation and usability standpoint, so I don't really have an ETA or want to guarantee it'll even work.
CR68 wrote:
28 Nov 2019
is there a chance that anyone will make a refill or community refill for that? would be great
I have heard some discussion of this, I will talk to the guy :)
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Post 29 Nov 2019

I can perfectly understand, that you don't want to rebuild something so unique.

You are right, the notes would end up in another octave in many cases. But essentially they would not be far away from their origin note.

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Post 29 Nov 2019

For the Combinator ...

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