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Post 13 Sep 2019

Vil wrote:
22 Aug 2019
Stygian Abyss wrote:
22 Aug 2019
Thank you Vil for this. I watched the ChordLine videos yesterday, I noticed a very nice assortment of classical composers scales (Ravel, Bartok...), but I don't remember having seen Olivier Messiaen's name. Maybe I missed him, but if it's not the case, his scales would be a nice addition to your library.
Sorry about the wrong capitalization of scale and scale group names.... did you check the last scale group?
Probably in the next update I will reorganize the scale groups a little bit...
The video I watched before writing my post didn't show he had is own scale group. :)
Now I have checked it on the real device. Excellent work, nice design. Highly recommended to those who want to explore unusual harmonies.
The only thing I could request is a proper manual. But maybe I didn't find it too ! :lol:

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