Sequences from Robotic Bean - 1.3 is out!

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Post 15 May 2020

Well the thing about the Digitakt is that it is hardware and it is a momentary button, and as a result can be played like an instrument.

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Post 15 May 2020

Could be a button on the front panel? That way you can automate or assign to a controller. It would be more powerful than the fill function on the digitakt because it would not have the same constrains ( same step cannot have two trig conditions on it)

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Post 15 May 2020

The performance control on Sononics GSX is a good example of a multi function interface - playable and overridable. Using allocated midi notes allows you to play with the on-screen keyboard and the mouse - with both behaving as momentary switches, an external keyboard responds this way by default too.

What would be interesting is a performance mode that lets you "play" the data lanes, e.g. allocate an octave to these controls? Opening up powerful possibilities as suggested by Phillip. Just a thought...
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Post 18 Jul 2020

Been playing around with Sequences for the first time in a little while... ye gods I love this thing.

I have a Make Noise 0-Ctrl that is just brilliant:


Couple things from the 0-Ctrl that I think would just be killer if implemented into Sequences:

-End of pattern gate/trigger OUT (granted, 0-Ctrl has gate outs for EVERY step, but I think this might be overkill in Sequences)
-Gate/trigger IN to toggle between normal playback and reverse playback

Not sure if these feature requests are possible or not, or if anyone else would find them intriguing, but I figured I'd throw that out there!

Thanks again for such a dope device!

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