Rob Papen ARPs didnt send Notes correct via CV and GATE

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Post 10 Feb 2019

I have tried to send the Arpeggiator Notes from Predator via CV / GATE to a Player device or to Lectric Panda CV Player Tap (CVPT) device, because I want to record the individual notes on a track in the sequencer.

I connect the ARP Tune and Gate outputs from Predator to a separate combinator cv and gate Ins. In this combinator I have a player device.
The ARP does not send the note gates correct. I have long overlaps and besides its not possible to record them in DIRECT RECORD mode while playing. Only send to track is possible to get notes on a track.

With the CVPT device it stops playing after a few notes.

With Thors Sequencer the above things are possible and I havent any issues. So, maybe these are bugs in the cv output of Predator ?

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Post 11 Feb 2019

I said the same thing once in the topic about the CV-tap player device. No-one replied unfortunately....

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