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Post 21 May 2015

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Post 21 May 2015

dvdrtldg wrote:Any idea what they've done?

We were complaining about this over at the Rack Extenionists FB group a couple of days ago.  I'm not sure why devs don't post changelogs - it's like they're inviting ridicule. :s0959:  Anyway, after users emailed him this was his response:
'Someone requested a button to slow the LFO so a (divided by) 8 button is added.
The new update is not Reason 6.5 compatible.'
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Post 22 May 2015

That's great they decided to lower the phase rate.  1/2 a bar was too quick for the slowest setting.  Divide that by 8, and now we have 4 bars of phaser goodness... unless my math is off.  Anyway, that was my only complaint about this RE, and it looks like it's been fixed now.  For $9 on sale, it was a steal!

Thanks to the dev for adding that feature!!
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