Wishful Thinking: The Ultimate Monophonic Matrix

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Having just looked at the Korde Sequencer, and being somewhat of a power-user of the original Matrix device... and a fan of Ochen K's probabilistic sequencers, I had a few ideas for something that'd be my ideal sequencer.

Similarly to the Matrix, I'd want it to play any length between 1 and 32 stages (Stages rather than steps, because each step can repeat when using ratcheting), and to be programmed on a 12 note paradigm *5 octaves, rather than the 8 note paradigm of the Korde which depends on its MIDI/CV input, but maybe it could be switchable between those paradigms. I personally prefer to program without inputs.

I'd want it to have lanes for:
Velocity Probability
Gate Length
Gate Length Probability
Tied/Slide Probability (0% - never tie or slide, 100% - always tie or slide, 1-99% - the probability of tying/sliding. Slides override the gate length parameter)
Skip Probability (the probability of a stage being skipped)
Octave Probability (the probability of the note on this step changing octaves, the higher the probability, the farther the octave jump could go, as well as the more likely it is to occur)
Ratcheting Length (Similarly to the Metropolis sequencer, for instance, where a stage can be anywhere from 1-8 steps in length)
Ratcheting Length Probability
Ratcheting Mode (One gate followed by X steps of no gate, Gate held open for X steps, Gate repeated X times)
Ratcheting Mode Probability
Playback Rate (a bipolar parameter where positive values multiply the playback rate of a stage while dividing its gate length, and negative values divide the playback rate of a stage while multiplying its gate length)
Playback Rate Probability
Reset Probability (the probability of the pattern resetting back to the first stage)
Gate Delay (how many ms of delay before the gate triggers)
Gate Delay Probability

Now all this gorgeous mess could very much use a bit more control for when you need it, and that would ideally come in the form of a global parameter for "Reset every 1-128 bars" with an enable button (sometimes you don't want control), though it might be overkill to literally have 128 options here, so maybe just 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12/13/14/15/16/32/64/128?

It would be lovely if it featured selective randomization. Meaning you could randomize the notes independently of any other values, or randomize the lane you're currently editing independently of all the others.
When randomizing notes, it would be nice to have an option to constrain the octave range of the randomization.

Buttons on the interface for shifting the pattern left/right/up/down are fantastic and highly desirable vs only having the feature in a context menu. It would be even more amazing if all that shifting could be also done on a lane by lane basis, in addition to the normal way of affecting everything at once.

Playback modes: Forward, Reverse, Ping-pong, Random, and Brownian, if possible.
A CV input for the playback mode would be fantastic, and I suppose one for reset would increase the usefulness too.

Here's a video about the Metropolis sequencer, for those not familiar with its concepts: 

So what do you think? Any chance Orchen K, Lectric Panda, or anyone else making my dream come true? (Are they members here? If not I'll happily direct them to this thread)

I'd personally pay up to $150 for a device like this, but I doubt it would sell a lot at that price.

How about everyone else here? What do you think? :)
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Post 19 Mar 2015

I've had several chances to play with Metropolis and its on my Modular wish list. Its awesome.
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