Navi's Monopoly refill video/demo

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Post 27 Jan 2015

Dont own the Re myself but those that do might like it..still its great to hear the sounds anyway :D
I have embraced Allihoopa. Come listen and play with my crap Figure loops here:

They really are crap.

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Post 27 Jan 2015

I highly recommend it.  One of the best bang-for-the-buck synths in the shop!  The unison is fabulous.

Also, another thread going on the topic of Navi's new ReFill: ... 1285979833

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Post 27 Jan 2015

I bought it this morning. Have been going through the patches all day (while I should be working). Some great sounds in there! The MonoPoly is s cool synth, and they have made some interesting use of its huge modulation possibilities.

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