Euclid + AutoTheory

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Post 20 Jan 2015

Euclid has been updated to now include pitch (notes). YAY!!! Great update! Thank you Robotic Bean. }

So you can now use it to run other instrument devices. I thought about using Euclid to control AutoTheory, so I can get chords from it. The result is pretty cool. You need to have Euclid set to "receive notes" if it is inside a combinator. If it not in a combi, you need to create a track for Euclid. Obviously, the play button must be pushed for Euclid to run/produce any notes.
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Post 21 Jan 2015

Yeah this works brilliantly, Emian posted about this on PUF a while back and I been experimenting with it since. I find Euclid inspires me to experiment.

I see you have the awesome Steerpike in your list there. Using this 'Euclid-Auto Theory' method, you can throw Steerpike in the mix as it has the awesome 'Gate in' on the back of it, really nice to get some backward chords going too :D Let me know if you need more details.

Nice to see some Euclid lovin' !!!

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Post 23 Jan 2015

i posted a Combinator in the Euclid topic over at PUF, i'll post it again here.
Usage :
Just add the combinator to the rack & draw notes to it.
the RPG-8 is in the combinator so Euclid will only send date when the combinator recieves notes, & will mute when no notes are put in.
you can then connect  the  multiple gate (or inv gate !!) outs + the note outputs to multiple synths without having to draw notes to them. this is very usefull for creating rhytmic synths !
i also mapped rotary one & 2 (density & gate width) , check out what happens after you hooked up some synths....
Combinator : ... t.cmb?dl=0
Enjoy ! :)

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Post 23 Jan 2015

This is really interesting. I bought Auto Theory a while back because it was only $20 but haven't really found it all that inspiring until now. Euclid is just awesome, so simple and versatile.

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