The Exquisite All-In-One Rack Extension ReFill Expansion/Patches Thread

This forum is for discussing Rack Extensions. Devs are all welcome to show off their goods.
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17 Jan 2015

This one will be dedicated to Patches and ReFill Expansions related with Reason Rack Extensions only.
  • For all other ReFills, go to the ReFill section.

•------» Free Racĸ Eхтenѕιon paтcнeѕ/ Coмвιnaтorѕ/ Reғιllѕ/ Tυтorιalѕ «------•

Selig ART Vinyl: "without the scratches"
8-way-audiomatic-kong-switcher (requires Peff's Directre) by Rob Anselmi
Navi Retlav Studio - FREE IVOKS patches
Navi Retlav Studio - FREE Softube AMPs Combinators and RE patches
Andrew Skelton’s PX7 ReFill
Kommande Refill for Parsec by Andrew Skelton
Echobode – 36 Free Patches by Janvier
BUFFRE ReCombinator Effects by Peff
DrTW Set 1 for PolySix RE
DRJ Gran’Piano for Radical Piano Re
Polar Tape Stop Effect - Shared by Rob Anselmi
Amaze Me Synchronous Combi - Shared by Rob Anselmi
ReDominator Community ReFill
kHs ONE Community ReFill
Winter Antidote Community ReFill 2013
Ochen K's Chip64 Community ReFill
Lizard's Placebo v.1.0 - ReFill for Antidote
Exode's Free Pulsar Combi Patch - Seven Saws
Exode's Antidote Cuts
Peff's Buffre Tape Stop FX
Links to DX7/PX7 Patches Thread with links provided by Rob (Failedmuso)
ORBEL Antidote Patches Vol.1 (40 New Free Patches)
6775 PX7 FM Synthesizer Patches ReFill - Thread Links provided by GeorgeFeb (Mate)
AutoArp Tuts Playlist from B&O Plus other PH users
Garland's Esoteric Antidote ReFill
Esoteric Buffre ReFill
Snow Garden Combi for the A-Series RE by kowdermeister
•------» Paιd ReFιllѕ For Racĸ Eхтenѕιonѕ  «------•
Rob Papen's QUAD:
Re-Up Quad patches by DNA Labs

Softube's Amp:
Melodiefabriek´s Boutique Amp ReFill

Pitchblend's Auto Theory:

The AutoTheory by 3rdfloorsound
Thorough review and tutorial on The AutoTheory Re ReFill by Rob Anselmi

Blamsoft Inc. VK-1 Viking Synthesizer:
viking-signature by Soundcells
Propellerhead Synchronous:
Filter Research 4 by nucleus-soundlab

Korg Mono/Poly:
Extension ReFill Monopoly by Naviretlav
Analog theory by nucleus-soundlab
Black and Blue - Patches for MonoPoly by States of Music
Korg Polysix:
Polysix Signature by Soundcells
Extension ReFill - Polysix by naviretlav
Synapse Antidote:
CURE by SoftPhonics
INSPIRE for Antidote by eXode

Antidote Signature by Soundcells
Antidote Remedy by nucleus-soundlab
Antimatter for Antidote by nucleus-soundlab
Extension ReFill - Antidote by naviretlav
Kinetic Energy for Antidote by Nucleus-Soundlab
Propellerhead PX7:
NeoDX for PX7 by nucleus-soundlab
Extension ReFill - PX7 by naviretlav
Propellerhead Parsec:
Glass by States of Music
Parsec Signature by Soundcells
Massive Re-Up Parsec by DNA Labs
Hyperdrive for Parsec by nucleus-soundlab
Extension ReFill - Parsec by naviretlav
Parsec Soundset Patches for Parsec by eXode
Rob Papen's Predator:
Extension ReFill - Predator by naviretlav
Propellerhead Rotor:
Extension ReFill - Rotor by naviretlav
kilohearts ONE:
ONE Trance Soundset Patches for ONE by eXode
Zvork's Noxious:
Extension ReFill by Naviretlav

▁ ▂ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ █  █ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▂ ▁

•------»All ReFills Created by our Forum Community:«------•

Xmas 2012 PH Community ReFill 
The Summer Viking 2013 Community ReFill Download here

Winter Antidote Community ReFill 2013 Download here
EDS06s Drum Synth Community ReFill
Redominator Community ReFill
kHs One Community ReFill
Ochen K's Chip64 Community ReFill Download
•------»Latest Community ReFills:«------•
13 Nights of Fright - Halloween Community ReFill 2014
THE X-MAS REFILL 2014 édition
Rob Papen "QUAD22" Community ReFill

*All new links & updates will be presented in Bold letters*

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23 Jan 2015

***Just finished cleaning up and fixing all the broken links.  I've also just added Rob Papen "QUAD22" Community ReFill, brought to us by Noel G.***

Hope you guys enjoy!
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11 Feb 2015

This is a great topic! Thank you very much for the effort  :t2018:

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12 Feb 2015

drez wrote:This is a great topic! Thank you very much for the effort  :t2018:
You're very welcomed.
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18 Mar 2015

thanks for the x-mas add :s0801:
It does not die , it multiplies !

 7.101 and I will upgrade maybe this summer .

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21 Apr 2015

Big Thank You for constructing the list.

If I want to try one of the synths (before I buy) will these patches work?

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06 Nov 2015

All of our refills contain RE patches now.

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23 Dec 2015

The list should be updated. :) Our Rack Extension refill RE-XT1 has not gotten much publicity so therefore... check it out!

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21 Apr 2016

Just pointing out the Viking Signature by Soundcells URL is incorrect. The correct URL is ... signature/

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10 Jun 2016

Quad community refill link is down!

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18 Jun 2016

Any Radikal Piano refills?

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01 Jul 2016


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Screen Shot 2017-01-06 at 7.02.34 PM.png
Screen Shot 2017-01-06 at 7.02.34 PM.png (289.54 KiB) Viewed 7196 times
many of the free links go to this page,,,

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10 Feb 2017

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17 Apr 2017

Can the moderators please update this??

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19 Jul 2018

So many are deleted or unavailable gawd damn son.

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