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Post 29 Oct 2017

Even though I won't be buying this particular synth, I hope these smaller instruments will continue to be developed. They definitely have their place and serves as a nice contrast to bigger synths like Expanse, Zero and Nostromo (they are all great btw). I'm making a Snakebite track right now and it's so nice to work with limitations and focusing on a particular character.
I'd rather work with 10 different smaller specialized synths than a monster like Omnisphere that can do everything.

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How on earth did I miss this. I search the shop periodically for stuff but never seen Speo. The only Reason I know about it now was because I was searching ReasonTalk for something else and happened upon this thread. Searching for Speo just brings up that whole bunch of various developers. Why don’t Propellerheads shop people sort that out. trying it out first thing tomorrow. Frame CV looks excellent as well. Anybody got any input on Speo stuff? Thanks :).

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