[STOCK] 3-Band Pulverizer

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This forum is for sharing patches created with the updated Combinator, as well as backdrops and any backdrop assets. If you would like to share a patch here as an attachment, you must zip it first. Otherwise you can host your patches elsewhere and share the links here.
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Post 10 Apr 2023


Here's a simple three (3) band Pulverizer, hopefully it neatly sits next to the existing Pulverizer.

There are however some changes/additions;
  • The Blend knobs are all 0db crossfaders
  • Additional "Global" Squash and Dirt Parameters which attenuate all bands at once. Note that even the individual band Squash and Dirt parameters are actually controlled by CV - so everything can be scaled up or down in conjunction with the Global settings.
  • Additional Input Gain, Pre-EQ and Clipper
  • Broken light (I apologize, it got busted during testing)

All stock devices, download link below

Hope you enjoy!


Download Link
3-Band Pulverizer.zip
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Post 10 Apr 2023

Looks cool. great idea.

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Post 10 Apr 2023

Thank you !

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Post 10 Apr 2023

Looks great. Good idea for a Combi. As always, thanks for sharing it with us. Love your Combis!
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Post 10 Apr 2023

Nice! Will download. Your combis are useful!

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Post 11 Apr 2023

Yet another great Combi! Thank you once again :)

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Post 11 Apr 2023

Looks great, will check it out. Thank you.

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Post 11 Apr 2023

another voice of appreciation :puf_smile:
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