Binaural speaker/room simulator for headphones using free VST's

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Vincent Vitellius
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Post 05 Nov 2022

Here's a binaural speaker/room simulation Combinator2, made possible by using a couple of free VST's.
I have tried a couple of commercial speaker simulators, and was not satisfied.
I then spent some time wondering if it's possible to make a free speaker and room simulator, and I came up with this:


Is it as good as the commercial offerings? I don't think so, but it's not awful.
To use the combinator, you need the free Sennheiser Ambeo Orbit Legacy VST and the Tokyo Dawn TDR Nova VST. (Links below)
Place the Combinator as the last device in your mastering chain.
Remember to disable it before exporting your song!

How does it work?
The Ambeo VST can place a sound source anywhere in 3D space around you by simulating a binaural recording.
I feed the left signal into an Ambeo and place it front left in 3D space.
I feed the right signal into another Ambeo and place it front right.
The output is then mixed.

You can enable Room Simulation to emulate reflections for rooms of different sizes and with different materials.
The EQ compensation is just a crude EQ that compensates for some of the coloration of the sound, before it is fed into the Ambeo's.
The Maximizer is just there to prevent clipping if you mess up the settings too much. Should not touch the signal under normal circumstances.

Extra Features:
The Nova EQ is used to simulate crappy speakers (The so called "NS10 Hack") by attenuating low and high frequencies.
There is also a mono switch.
Both work independently of the speaker simulation.

Should be fairly self evident.
Just note that Room Simulation and EQ Compensation only works when SPKR SIM is enabled.

Tokyo Dawn TDR Nova:

Sennheiser Ambeo Orbit Legacy Windows: ...

Sennheiser Ambeo Orbit Legacy Mac: ...

The Combinator 2 patch:
Vincent Vitellius Headphone Speaker

The newer version of Ambeo Orbit is called DearVR Micro, and it does not support VST2. I have no idea if it's better.
Provided as is. No warranty. I don't have time for support ;)
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Post 14 Nov 2022

Nice UI ! I'll give it a try later

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