This forum is for sharing patches created with the updated Combinator, as well as backdrops and any backdrop assets.
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This forum is for sharing patches created with the updated Combinator, as well as backdrops and any backdrop assets. If you would like to share a patch here as an attachment, you must zip it first. Otherwise you can host your patches elsewhere and share the links here.
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Post 04 May 2022

I've been spending a good amount of time playing with this one :-) Probably the most fun I've been having with BV-X. It is an effect / Auto Play patch.

It consists of two BV-X devices (one as the tracked solo) and the other as a fixed chord (doesn't track pitch). Then there are two Neptunes which are split L/R and have some slightly different adjustments to their formants. It makes for an instant big sound!

There's a "Chord Shift" button which shifts the fixed chord +10 semitones and -1 oct. It works really well with the scales that are set for the other devices. There is a "-1 Oct" button for the Neptunes for extra low bass voices.

Using the Mod Wheel will freeze/hold the formant for only the chord and it will increase the reverb for the solo (and some other fine adjustments like vibrato and level) so you can continue singing along. While the formant of the chord is frozen, try also adjusting the Formant shift knob for the chord. And definitely try out the Chord Shift button!

The pitch wheel is only assigned to the solo BV-X. You can also adjust the semitone for the solo as well, and since it is fixed to scale, it will stay in scale and work with the chords.

I'm still tinkering with it and considering it v.1.0 for now. When putting together the backdrop, I was going to make section names and then more concise labels for the controls, but then I just stuck to the descriptive labels there for now.

Give it a try and let me know what you think!

SuperMegaVocoStar! v1.0

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Post 04 May 2022

Thank you Joey, can't wait to download it and try it out!

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Post 07 May 2022

Hey, this one only plays fart noises. What's up with that? ;)
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Post 07 May 2022

Thank you! Will check it out once I have R12 resinstalled... ;)


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