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This forum is for sharing patches created with the updated Combinator, as well as backdrops and any backdrop assets.
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This forum is for sharing patches created with the updated Combinator, as well as backdrops and any backdrop assets. If you would like to share a patch here as an attachment, you must zip it first. Otherwise you can host your patches elsewhere and share the links here.
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Post 15 Nov 2021

I've been working on this but work has stalled a bit so I thought I'd share this now so other people can try this out.

It is a performance mixer designed to be used with a pad or button controller. The green buttons at the bottom trigger a volume fade in or out. You can set the time for the fades using the sliders and there is also a Gain Trim knob for ±6db adjustments. I've included 8 REX players in this example, but the idea is that you feed in your own sound sources.

This version uses stock devices and Lectric Panda's Amp. It's definitely possible to create a version using all stock devices but this version requires you have Amp installed.
Performance Mixer
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Post 13 Jun 2023

Thanking you kind sir! something occurred to me today and I thought I;'d just snoop around on the forums before I post it and look like an idiot. It seems to me we're all spending a fair bit of time on this momentary button and controller mapping stuff and something about it seems too long winded to me. One for mixes, devices, and transport, then one per plug-in (even if you combine it into one remote map, you can still only have ONE mapping file for say, the combinator). Then it occurred to me, combinators are the way to go, it's just the way things are going to head, everything will be a combinator of some sort soon surely... So if our only real prtioblem with the current combi is that it's lacking on some momentary buttons, more CV in and outs, perhaps some poly's, .... Why don't we just take the standard combinator and fill it ask far as it will go in terms of commands and put 32 knobs, buttons and faders on the front of the bloody thing and hook it all up to a big fake device inside so that everything is plugged in and won't disappear on you and then we just load stuff into it and when we'[re done, delete all the superfluous knobs etc and worry about how it looks once it's done? In fact as I'm typing, Couldn't I do this in element right now? I think I probably could? or even snap heap can do this I'm pretty sure. anyway, just thinking out loud.

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