M-Audio Axiom 61 Combi template

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This forum is for sharing patches created with the updated Combinator, as well as backdrops and any backdrop assets. If you would like to share a patch here as an attachment, you must zip it first. Otherwise you can host your patches elsewhere and share the links here.
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Post 03 Nov 2021

Axiom 61 Combi 2.jpg
Firstly, this patch will only be useful if you use an Axiom 61 keyboard controller!
Secondly, I'm not an expert here, but I've managed to get something that works for me.
The patch reflects the usable controls on an Axiom 61 keyboard using the same layout as the keyboard itself. It's not a fancy Photoshop job that actually looks like the keyboard.
There seems to be some confusion as to the usefulness of mapping hardware to Combi controls in that remote overrides are preserved within a song but not a patch.
To get over this issue, the remote map for the keyboard needs to be edited. I had a lot of trouble getting this to work at first, unsure whether you could even map the expanded range of controls in the new Combi.
The following video is very good at explaining how to do it...

Before doing anything else, you'll need to edit the remotemap file. The current one only caters for the original 4 knobs and 4 switches. The video explains all this. Here is my modified remotemap...
Axiom 61 Remotemap for Combi 2.jpg
How to use this Combi...
It's a template to be customised. It won't do anything on its own. You'll need to add the devices you want to the Combi and map any of their controls to the knobs and buttons on the Combi front panel.
You can change labels and move the controls, but I would suggest that you don't delete any controls that you don't want to use as this will change the control order affecting any controls that come later in the Panel Element list that is displayed when you are in Combi Configure mode.
If you do this, you'll probably need to edit the remotemap file again and/or modify the position of controls in the Panel Element list.

Hope this proves useful.

Link to Combi download...

https://spideroak.com/storage/JVUWWZLMN ... mplate.cmb
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Post 04 Nov 2021

Nice. I tried following that video and making a Remote map for my Arturia Minilab II. I couldn't get it to work though.

There isn't an existing Remote map for the MKII, only the MKI. Not sure how much difference that makes.

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