Automating patch changes: Rack in Logic

This forum is for discussing the Reason Rack Plugin, the version of the Reason rack that runs as a VST3, AU, AAX in other DAWs.
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new Reason+ User here.I just installed Reason Rack in Logic. What I can not figure out is how I can automate a program change of a Reason Instrument in Logic, In particular, I want to load a different patch into the Complex -1 Synth and automate that patch change.

Can someone here who is knowledgeable in Reasons Rack within Logic guide me how I can achieve that?

For now I found a somewhat elegant workaround for my needs, using my Console Fader.

I setup a reason Rack with 7x Complex Synths, send them to a bus pre fader, and automate the Console1 faders blending in/out patches.

That however does not work for other needs where I just need to automate patch changes.

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I think this is not possible. Instead you can put all the patches you need into separate instances of the RRP or into a single one and there into multiple instances of the instrument and then use a mixer in the RRP and automate the faders/mutes of it.

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Astonishing limitation.

Thanks and Grüße nach Aachen.

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MIDI program change commands don´t work in Reason.
It´s not only a Reason Rack Plugin "issue".

I always wondered why, but it seems to be intentional like it is w/ most VST3 plugins too.
In VST3 SDK, MIDI program and bank change commands are sacrificed for whatever developers thought/think is "better".

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You can instead utilize a mixer within the RRP to automate the faders and mutes of each patch, or you can use a single instance of the RRP with numerous instances of the instrument spacebar clicker

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