Reason Rack Plug-In Issue In Reaper (Anybody Else?)

This forum is for discussing the Reason Rack Plugin, the version of the Reason rack that runs as a VST3, AU, AAX in other DAWs.
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Post 11 Nov 2021

Hi All!

Has anyone had this issue (I've contacted Reason Studio's and have gotten a work around) with the Reason Rack Plug-In in Reaper, where the log-in window hides behind the green Reason window and isn't accessible to click?

I have it so the last song you were working on loads up automatically on Reaper's launch and all my tracks generally contain a RRP. What happens is, the log-in window for Reason will stop the track from launching and the white box is hidden somewhere behind the green Reason window and clicking in the taskbar (on W10) to try and bring it up doesn't always work and no matter where I click (sometimes it appears somehow) sometimes it isn't accessible for me to click log-in (with automatic username and password remembered.) I have to force quit Reaper sometimes and launch it through the Windows Start menu via the application as a blank Reaper and then reload the project. Even then sometimes it'll do the same. Sometimes for whatever reason I can keep clicking around (usually in the taskbar where the Reaper plectrum type icon is) and eventually it'll bring the box up for me to click Log-in and hey presto but was just wondering if anybody else had the same problem?


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