How are you weaponising your RRP?

This forum is for discussing the Reason Rack Plugin, the version of the Reason rack that runs as a VST3, AU, AAX in other DAWs.
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Post 01 Nov 2021

I haven't fired up RRP for quite a while, but I found it to be a powerhouse when I used it as a plugin.

In Reason, I don't even think about it. I just make chains of effects to suit the task at hand.

When using another DAW I felt like my hands were tied when it came to effects, so I loaded up RRP (R11 Lite IIRC) and with what little I had access to was able to breathe life into my tracks via my meticulously placed firing squad made of distortion effects, filters, phasers and gunpowder.

I didn't really use it for instruments, but nowadays I am loading a lot of VSTs in Reason for sounds with the occasional low-fi refill or SR Gold to fill in any tiny gaps.

Anyways, curious to know how others are using it?

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Post 01 Nov 2021

I'm most drawn to using the Players. Logic has similar devices, but they're not nearly as interesting as my Players.
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Post 01 Nov 2021

As y'all know I am a Reason DAW man but have had to do some 100-200 Track mixes in Reaper. That meant RRP as I need to keep those mixes as close to the "sound" of the existing Reason mixed for this client's album.

RRP works pretty well and it is still way more organic having a flow of processors in RRP than separated VST that can't really be seen in context with each other. Not having VST in the RRP is a bit of a PITA but maybe soon that will change.

The evenness of Reason devices is really good too as level & styling of devices is far more even than when pulling in VST that can vary hugely.

I really miss the F2 Spectrum EQ. I plain don't get how most DAW don't have a mixing EQ hardwired into the mixing workflow. Having to install an EQ just seems so silly and time-wasting, not to mention that it makes it easy to not check the EQ.


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Post 02 Nov 2021

I use it only for the production tools
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