Dr. Octo Rex with Ableton

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Jimi Pain
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Post 13 Sep 2021

Hi. I'm trying to use Dr. Octo Rex from the Reason Rack Plugin to have loops play on my Ableton Live timeline. While I can drag MIDI notes from one of the 8 loops in Dr Octo Rex onto the timeline and have it play properly, if I drag notes from a different loop onto the timeline, it doesn't know to switch from one loop to the other. It simply continues to trigger the first loop with the note layout from the second loop. The result is a useless sonic mess.

Is there any way of having Ableton tell Dr. Octo Rex to switch from one loop to another at the appropriate moment? I have already tried the technique of using the MIDI out module attached to Dr Octo Rex but it didn't record anything in Ableton, it didn't spit out any notes or program changes. I have not been able to find an answer to this anywhere. Thanks.

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Post 14 Sep 2021

Sending the 8 keys from E0 upwards will select a loop in Octorex. If "Enable Loop Playback" is on then the loop will play immediately, otherwise it will just select it.

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Post 14 Sep 2021

Automate the loop select parameter.

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