Matrix, Midi out and Ableton Live

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I know Reason quite well and have recently become interested in Ableton Live ;
I would like to use the midi out in the Reason rack to modulate some knobs in Live.

Currently, I am having fun with racks in Live and I would like for example to modulate "macros" via a Matrix (Yes, I'm Matrix addict..), is this possible?
If not, do you know of an alternative to Matrix that I could use in Live?

Thanks for your help !

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After some research, it is impossible to modulate anything in Live through the Midi Out module.

Interesting article on the subject: ... eason-live
Live does not sort MIDI messages by channel and, as of now, also does not receive CC messages from the MIDI Out device
Presentation video of Reason's Midi Out module, which shows the modulation possibilities between Reason Rack VST and Logic Pro but not with Live. (at 3:03) :

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Not sure about the Matrix you're talking about, but I think you can control Ableton knobs w/ reason by running the programs in parallel (not rewire or RRP, but midi clock sync). And using IAC bus (mac) or loopMidi (or alternative, PC) to route the Midi cc. I'd suggest research on sending midi sync clock between programs.

Which Matrix are you talking about?
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That's right, the RRP cannot modulate live devices as of yet.

In the mean time, there must be a m4l device that can do the same thing. However that would only be available for live suite users.

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I was talking about Reason's Matrix Step Sequencer, but any Reason LFO CV on the Midi Out Module, the idea would have been the same.

Using RRP in Live, for rhythmic stuff, the use of players and at the same time being able to modulate things by sending cc, that would have been good..

Thanks for the suggestion about loopMidi (I'm on Windows ..), I'll check it.

And Yes, I'll check Max4Live devices at the moment, I discover quite interesting things.

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