All individual loops on Dr. Octo Rex are grouped as the same trigger within RRP in Reaper

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Also get the same issue with Redrum and its pattern selects.

I'd love to be able to use my pads on my keyboard to select different drum loops and have them transition properly like it does it the standalone, unfortunately I can't get it to work at all.

Every pad is recognized as a separate note, all with different CCs, but all 8 Loop slots are treat like one note so it doesn't matter what note I learn from to assign to it, it assigns ALL the loops to one midi note, whichever one I press, which when pressed after assigning just randomly jumps to whatever loop it likes. Same behavior with the patterns in re-drum. I also can't assign the Run button to anything :(

The pads work if I'm on a synth, they're all assigned to different notes by default, but I can't get them to work at all with the drum machines like I wish I could, its sort of preventing me from upgrading.

I'm aware I might be an idiot and missing some sort of conflict within Reaper but it works great in standalone, but buggy as heck in RRP. The trigger to next loops are also totally broken and come in on the wrong beat even if toggled. I know some others might use RRP in Reaper with the Akai MPK mini and I did read a couple of things on google that alluded to similar issues.

Would love to get this fixed if its possible so I can take advantage of these sales. Thanks!

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