Reason Rack Plugin (instruments): Two different Reaper-preset-files are stored - why?

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Post 15 Apr 2020

I had the problem with reaper-presets that two preset-files for the same Reason-Rack-Plugin (Instrument version) were placed in the Reaper-preset-folder.
One of the file was named Vst3-Reason Rack Plugin.ini, the second Vst3-Reason Rack Plugin-1900569630.ini.
There is also another preset-file for the Reason Rack Plugin Effect (Vst3-Reason Rack Plugin-956563164.ini).

When inserting the Reason-plugins, sometimes Reaper uses the preset-lists of the Preset with the number, but not every time.

I made some experiments with the Reaper-presets. I deleted - for exemple - the Vst3-Reason Rack Plugin.ini (without number). Now, I could insert the plugin with the right presets into Reaper. It worked for the instrument- and the effect plugin.

I closed and opened Reaper again. Now, the Reaper-preset-lists was empty (for both, instrument- and effect-plugin). It seems as if Reason " wants " to get the preset list of the preset without number (but I deleted it). If I copy this preset in the Reaper-preset-folder again, it works. I think, perhaps it is a problem between the preset without number and the both other presets (with numbers) getting in conflict with each other.

I had another plugin where also two Reaper-presets was installed (one with number, one without). As I deleted the preset without number, it was the same problem. After starting Reaper anew, the Reaper-preset-list was empty.

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