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I'd like to buy Reason 11, but I tried it demo, in Rack version, and it has got a little problem. If load my old patch, there is an error at the start of the sound, it starts goes wrong.
I tried another OSX and Logic verison, and the problem same.

I use with EWI, I think the problem is in the compressor.

I'd like to buy it, but I'm afraid I won't be able to use my old voice tags, the action will expire in 1 days.

I made a record from that problem:
https://www.dropbox.com/s/vroeo1btwk50p ... 1.mov?dl=0

Is there anyone who has got same problem?


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Post 07 Apr 2021


The problem is still, after many updates. :-(

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I can't figure out what your problem is from the video

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deeplink wrote:
07 Apr 2021
I can't figure out what your problem is from the video
I had to watch twice.

I'm assuming it's the non whistle sound.......
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I just tried your settings in the FRG4RE(mcdsp) compressor I have the same sound / result in that flutes (factory Bank)
Very "sharp and spiky" flute, because of your compressor settings, the threshold is on max, you should hear some pumpin' artifacts.
I'm betting the issue is not in the m-class, but the overall settings.
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