Jukebox SDK 4.4 beta released. Test/dev in arm64 mode on Mac.

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Post 30 Jun 2023

https://www.reasonstudios.com/forum/sho ... ?p=1627769
Get SDK 4.4 build 209 here, using the beta links under the main download buttons: https://developer.reasonstudios.com/dow ... ension-sdk

The build servers have been opened to uploads made using this SDK version.

It's a beta because a couple of minor things remain to be fixed. Also it's quite a big update to the compiler.
The compiler might be a bit slow as it is a debug build - will be faster in the final SDK 4.4 release.
Known issue: Compiler outputs a warning when compiling local45 for arm64 on Mac.

Please report back (development@reasonstudios.com or the RE dev forum) if you find any other issues. Please ask if you have any questions.

Main changes:

Reason Recon updated to correspond to Reason 12.6.1d72, with support for arm64 on macOS (fat binary).
Build and test local45 in native Apple mode on macOS.
Compiler toolchain is now based on LLVM 15.0.7. Same version used for arm64 on the build servers.
Compiler toolchain can run in native Apple mode on macOS (faster compiling).
RE2D tools updated (minor fixes).

Reason Studios
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Post 06 Sep 2023

No longer in beta. Release announcement: viewtopic.php?f=61&t=7532467

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