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Post 25 May 2023

Good that we use PNG many years.
I loving this format from the time of Macromedia Fireworks, when PNG can be editable at any time with layers.
Later - Macromedia product going to Adobe, and stopped to support.
Anyway, one-layer PNG is used at this days. All nice.

But when I try to use big-knob in the GUI, upper 560px width or height, its not possible with 64 steps.
One way is to reduce quantity of steps in filmstrip. Or make PNG width or height lower.

I know, this needs in big interface elements not really must-have option, but this is a real limitation of PNG format that coming to past.
No more multi-layers in many years (Fireworks, goodbye).
May be in future we can see in SDK something like Webp or other formats, that is more optimised in our days, with big width/height at the same resolution can have smaller size in MB?
So.. size of my current 500width knob is about 9mb. This is also about PNG optimisation, when something like webp can help to reduce MB size of filmstrip file.

Also, as I understand, with using hi-res, size of all rack extensions going bigger in MB? Small RE after hi-res is much bigger. And question about using PNG is more actual.

The same is about fonts.. outdated fonts with limited variants, good to have something more..

Know that we only can wait any solutions in future SDK. I'm not talk about new widgets, or some other things from devs Wishlist)
But Hi-Res update really make RE bigger? If yes, this touch graphic optimisation question. We can compress PNG quality, reduce colors, etc. But this is only half-solution.

May be I'm really not right? Interesting to hear any thoughts

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