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Post 20 Jun 2024

Now that Reason 13 is out the only thing I think reason is missing is

Score to Video. Even something simple to start out would be a great addition.

A.I tools, Not sure what these would be but could be another category that sits next to Players.
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Post 22 Jun 2024

Yes ... I agree! I'd love to have even a basic score to video feature in Reason (ideally with Timecode) so long as it wasn't restricted to just Quicktime/.mov as in Ableton. There are times where I would prefer to just run Reason alone.

How do you like Studio One's Score to Video. I have not used Nuendo (am using Cubase) but I assume it is top drawer.

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Post 22 Jun 2024


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Post 09 Jul 2024

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Post 09 Jul 2024

Check out VidplayVST.

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