Export VST´s with Combinator

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Post 13 Apr 2024

Yes! I want it. Sometimes i´´ve got VST´s in my combinator and move to another DAW. I can´t load that combis into another DAW.

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Post 13 Apr 2024

The RRP can't host VST's. Deal with it.

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Post 13 Apr 2024

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huggermugger wrote:
13 Apr 2024
The RRP can't host VST's. Deal with it.
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Post 05 Jun 2024

I think this is a valid FR. Technically, it's not that tricky. It's just a plugin from one side and a host from the other side and it has been done by countless other developers. You basically implement both parts of the SDK and if the Reason devs have good coding practices they can just reuse their existing implementations.

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