Subtractor for iOS (iPad)

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Post 29 Feb 2024

Since it doesn't seem like Reason has plans to make an iOS version of the Reason DAW (and honestly that's fine because there's already a ton of options and mobile music is definitely a different beast), I still would love to see some more of the Reason instruments made available for the iPad. In particular, the Subtractor would be a great instrument to make available, including AUV3 so that I can load it into AUM or Cubasis. I'm sure I speak for many when saying I'd easily pay $10 for that device alone.
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Post 29 Feb 2024

Subtractor to this day is a pretty genius and one of a kind synthesizer.

Of course, there are newer types of synthesis appearing, but honestly, they aren't much of invention, rather refinement. They look different and fancy, but the capabilities don't sound that much revolutional.
Start sampling what you generate with subtractor, start layering, and the possibilities become endless.

That said, I always look for new tech, but Subtractor is the salami and cheese synth. : ) (More than bread and butter.)

But that's just my current opinion. And since 2007... : D

I also like granular pitch modulation, but that's sampling category, and off topic. But subtractor can synthesize the sound for further processing.

IMO, with a step sequencer, it can easily go for Android, too. Or could.

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