Scales in Sequencer

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Post 09 Sep 2023

Hi there,

can't believe thers no ability to restrict the Pianoroll to whatever Notes/Scales.
Like the fold option in Ableton.
I know thers Scales and Chords Player, but its still a bummer.

What do you people think of that? Am I just stupid?



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Post 09 Sep 2023

believe it buddy, all the notes are there all the time. thats what we pay the big bucks for

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Post 09 Sep 2023

I think there are many much more interesting feature requests which should be worked on than this.

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Post 09 Sep 2023

I don't mind taking the time to add S&C. As far as transposing/note quantization goes, it's fairly versatile, though most of the power is in the chord section. Just wish it had more built-in scales, that's a paltry list.
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Post 12 Sep 2023

I think it's bull crap I write in clips in the sequencer and I zoom right in for a bit better working environment but even then it can take a second to work out exactly where you are in the scale. It's bullcrap because this could have been brought up to a beautiful and modern and reason-esque standard five times over in all these years we have been waiting for it.

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Post 14 Sep 2023

FL studio has this. I use both Reason and FL. But I don't use this option in FL either mainly because I'm used to experimenting and playing/recording from my midi keyboard. I'm not by any means a keyboard player, but I have enough experience making melodies and learning music theory along the way.

Although I suppose this option would be helpful for people who know basic theory and would rather click in the midi notes as opposed to playing and recording.
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