Add Sysex/NRPN parameters to MIDI Out

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Post 31 Jul 2023

CC is great, but having Sysex and/or NRPN as targets for automating external devices would be very handy.

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Post 01 Aug 2023


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Post 10 Aug 2023


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Post 23 Aug 2023

Yes please!

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Post 23 Aug 2023

Yes from me too and, in general, better MIDI support/routing across the whole application.

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Post 31 Aug 2023

Good feature and then when sysex and NRPN are added I would want someone to customize a Waldorf Iridium/Quantum controlling Combinator 2 patch and a MicroFreak one and also a Moog One one. Also a nice Dave Smith Mono Evolver and Dave Smith Evolver patch and other ones for Reason perfectionists.

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