Cmb 2.0 Link Synths :ideas and features

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Post 29 Jun 2023

How many times have you found yourself with a combinator with two copies or more of the same synth, and
wanted to copy all editor entries for both synths but had to go manually one by one?

Wouldn't it be wonderful if there was an option to ''Link'' two identical Synths-utilities-players-whatever identical
inside the combinator?

One way could be to add an option in the editor like ''Link B to A'' so B would get all of A editor entries, plus it could
also react to all changes made on A or vice-versa
There could be two more oprions, like, Link B to A, where A is Master, and B slave. Changes made to A will reflect on B but not the opposite.
Another option be like Link B to A - Only Editor entries
Another Link B to A - A Master, no editor entries.

Another way would be add a copy all entries right click option, and then paste all entries.

The difference would be that in Link mode, every change in the entries would be copied to from A to every other ''Slave Synth''
The ''Slave Synth'' editor entries would be greyed out, as it would be completely linked to the other Synth.

Another option could be, a slave mode except oscillators (we could lower one Synth octave but everything else would still be mirrored).

---------- Just a workaround thought ------------

A way to link two Synths now is to make entries for all CC's on one combinator, then duplicate the combinator.
Add a Thor unit linked with CV out for every entry of the Synth you want to link.
Output the Thor CV out to the duplicate combinator with the same editor entries.
You are limited to the receiving combinator CV entries (10 bipolar+4 unipolar).
Of course you can just add the entries manually one by one in the same combinator.
Another way could be to ''Chain'' combinators together...
actually if there was a player to do that it would be also awesome...

------------ back to main ---------------

The way the Link could work, is to mirror two or more identical synths together, despite the editor entries.
Making B, C ,D, slaves to A, and adding editor entries for A, it would in the first mode ''full slave'' make all editor A entries
operational automatically to B, C ,D.

Final thoughts...

Leaving the editor entries aside, the Chain combinator thing aside, a player that could read a Synthesizer midi CC's
and transfer them to another receiving player so every change made from the first operator could be mirrored
to the receiving part, it could, in theory, work... I just do not know if it's already possible or not with the players
we have now at our disposal... maybe a midi loop with the midi out could do it???

We still could use CV player TAP to deliver different notes for a Chord or arpeggios to all linked Synths, we just should have to filter midi notes when mirroring all midi information, and, every Synth should output midi CCs... so not sure it could be done without combinator anyway...

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