Allow more than one cable for a single CV Out

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Post 24 May 2023

Allow us to use more than one cable for a single CV Out for CV routing. This would remove clutter, routing looks than less complex and would also reduce the usage of cv splitter.

Example use case: A global transpose control (CV out) to control several player devices at once (CV in). I currently use RE Set Program with several Spider CV Splitter to control many RE Receive Notes Player devices. Allowing us to use more than one CV cable for single CV out would completely remove the "Spider CV Splitter" mess and i don't need to create new Spider CV Splitter, when all CV outs are in use.

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Timmy Crowne
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Post 24 May 2023

I like this idea.

I think we should have the ability to control the transfer curve inside the wire too. We could even have multiple inputs on a single CV port with a pop-out mini-matrix to choose between addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of the merged signals!

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Post 24 May 2023

+1 for sure!
Almost ever other 'cable based' UI allows that functionality, there's no need to stick to physics with this when it's so more useful to simply 'build in' the splitters (behind the scenes)!
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Post 24 May 2023

+1, definitely.
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Post 24 May 2023

Voltage Modular has a couple of techniques.

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Post 24 May 2023

When you need to distribute CV signals to many targets: this Hamu device is really useful as it can work as multiple spiders in one or as a big 1:24 spider as well.

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Post 24 May 2023

+1 too, I've suggested this elsewhere. But extended too audio cables too (much like Conplex-1).

And this would benefit the RRP plugin too. Makes it easier to use the Rack.

Only drawback is that numerous times I still feel the need to control that CV. I.e by routing it through a Thor and scaling it with the Rotary Knob.
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